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Strips Multi-sensor +Guard

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Strips +Guard is a revolutionary magnetic contact sensor for monitoring windows, doors, and valuables

  • Open/close detection
  • Magnetic contact sensor
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Ultra-thin (3mm/0.12in) design
  • Up to 10 year battery lifetime
  • Up to 10 km (6 miles) range
  • Easy installation

With its long battery life of up to 10 years, up to 10 km (6 miles) range and high quality for both in & outdoor applications it is the ideal sensor for any professional IoT applications. Strips MS +Guard is a multi-sensor that can also be used for precise temperature & LUX measurements to get a great overview of the climate in or outside of your property.

The multi-sensor functionality means that the more you realize your own specific needs, the more value our sensors will bring to your company and its operations. Implementing MS +Guard sensors is a great choice for stepping into the modern world of IoT and PropTech, energy optimization, automation, convenience services, and property protection.

+Guard profile

Magnetic contact sensor for Open/Close monitoring

Tamper alert

Also includes

Capacitance sensor

Temperature sensor

Light (LUX) sensor


Sensor memory

Time based reporting

Deviation based reporting


Supports +Switch

Suitable for in or outdoor use

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